Usually sewing need high-temperature setting, which is the key to ensure the quality of sewing thread.

We used the company is KSZX multi-fiber fast steam cylinder, its main role is as follows:

  • Relaxation, setting, humidification.
  • Increases yarn strength and reduces breakage (yarn breaking strength increases by 10% and yarn break elongation increases by 30%).
  • Cotton yarn hairiness falling petals reduced by 30-45%.
  • Yarn moisture uniformity, high precision control moisture regain.
  • Eliminate static electricity, improve the yarn unwinding effect.
  • Soft touch.
  • Improve the color effect.
  • Improve production efficiency, improve the comprehensive quality of products.

The benefits of steaming machine on the after process


  • unwinding tension of the yarn, the efficiency of up to 20%;
  • the yarn is soft, reducing the needle wear;
  • from the beginning to the package forming, and always maintain a balance of the best friction value;
  • the knitting process, the coil forming uniform;
  • the size of the finished product size and stability
  • No additional humidification system;
  • Eliminate static electricity.


  • broken yarn reduction of 15%;
  • reduce the lint and fiber fly 30-45%, improve quality;
  • to improve yarn strength and improve weaving efficiency;
  • The fabric is softer.
  • Twisting / warping ,humidity and twist setting in a single process to complete.

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