When using a polyester thread in the sewing machine, sometimes  jumper, the jumper is polyester thread stitching process in the machine, because the machine at the bottom of the hook can not be ticked surface lines or surface lines are ticked and then slipped, unable to continue the formation of a phenomenon of stitching. This phenomenon, we have to check what?

    1. polyester thread problem: Check the quality keyi polyester line is qualified, that the choice of polyester thread and needle match. In addition, we must check whether the upper thread tension is too tight, because the tension is too tight, it is easy to break. Finally, pay attention to whether the needle hole of the deposition of debris, which can cause polyester thread because delivery is not smooth but broken.

    2. Needle Question: To check whether there is a thermal cutoff due to the needle suture phenomenon, especially in the use of synthetic sutures, since the high speed sewing machines, fabric machine needle puncture repeated friction and heat, so that the lower melting point fiber suture is blown. Also, check the hook hook line position is appropriate.

    3. Other Problem: Check the needle and needle plate are secure, check that all the upper thread through the place with a curved, defect phenomenon, but also to check whether the bottom line wrapped around the barrel too full or wound unevenly. In addition, the operating speed or poor worker gestures no sense of rhythm, leaving the surface of the fabric will pull polyester thread dog was sent off, or to hook up and down movement of the thread tearing uneven surface lines.

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