Sewing thread is the main thread  material for a variety of clothing suture material, both practical and decorative dual function. Sewing not only affects the efficiency and quality of the clothing and appearance of the article and processing costs affect the joints,it is necessary to learn about the knowledge of sewing thread. Sewing most common classification is the raw material classification, including natural fiber sewing thread, sewing thread and synthetic sewing thread mixing three categories. Today polyester thread manufacturers to introduce you to the main fiber sewing thread and sewing thread mix.

    I: natural fiber sewing thread

    1, silk thread: made with natural silk or silk filament wire lines, excellent gloss, strength, flexibility and abrasion resistance are superior to cotton, suitable for sewing all kinds of silk garments, high-grade woolen clothing, fur and leather clothing. Commonly used in ancient China silk embroidery thread embroidery sewing beautifully decorated.

    2, cotton sewing thread: Sewing cotton fiber as raw material by refining and bleaching, sizing, waxing and other processes made of. High strength, heat resistance, suitable for high-speed sewing and durable press, the disadvantage is the poor wear resistance and elasticity. It can be divided into no light, and light silk wax light. Cotton sutures mainly cotton fabric, leather and high temperature ironing clothes sewing.

    II: Mixed sewing thread

    1, polyester / cotton sewing thread: 65 percent polyester and 35% cotton blended. Combines the advantages of both cotton and polyester, both to ensure the strength, abrasion resistance, shrinkage requirements, but also overcome the polyester heat-defect, high-speed sewing adapt. Suitable for cotton, polyester / cotton and other types of clothing.

    2, cored sewing thread: the filament as the core, the outer coating of natural fibers obtained by sewing. Its strength depends on the core wire, and the wear-resistant yarn depends outsourcing. Therefore, cored sewing thread is suitable for high-speed sewing and require high strength stitch of clothing. In addition, the sewing thread can also be divided according to the package in the form of a coil, line pipe, bobbin, coil, wire ball, Divided by use of sewing thread, embroidery thread, industrial lines, I will not elaborate.

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