Polyester thread have polyester filament, staple fiber and polyester DTY , to meet the different needs of users. Wherein the polyester staple fiber is mainly used for sewing all kinds of cotton, chemical fiber cotton, wool and blends, it is currently the most widely used as a sewing thread. No matter what kind of polyester line, there is certain requirements in the production, as follows:

1, the production of polyester thread joints less and evenness, twist to stabilize.

2, product packaging barcode labels weighed absolutely no water.

3, the use of advanced equipment and twisting, to solve industry problems channeling stocks, pigtail lines, improve product quality.

4, is formed with arc design, to prevent the formation of spider yarn, sewing effectively help users improve efficiency.

5, the coil end yarn remain strictly designed to help users without downtime to change line,  solve troubles of stop stringing.

6, intelligent electronic monitoring equipment, monitoring the whole process and yarn, polyester line finished eliminate missing, stranded situation, improve the stability of the finished product.


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Linyi Aobo Textile Co., Ltd is a manufacturer who has more than 30 years polyester yarn and sewing thread production experience, with large-scale production capacity and independent research and development capabilities .

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