Polyester thread is more common in normal life, we also have a certain understanding  of its characteristics , but  we do not understand the factors which effect its characteristic. Here, we take a detailed look at.

     1. Feels of  polyester thread and characteristics of textile products is mainly determined by the number of hairiness. We can clearly see from the production test,length less than 2mm hairiness appearance quality of the production process and little effect on the fabric, the fabric will have the opposite of a natural soft feel. 

However, the length of more than 3mm hairiness is a potential factor affecting the quality polyester line. Therefore, by adjusting the process parameters to control the number of hairiness.

     2. polyester line depends on strong cohesion and friction between the fibers. If the fiber morphology and alignment state is bad, that is bent, circle, folded, winding, such as the presence of fibers, the equivalent cut short fiber length, fiber weakened the degree of exposure, and thus prone to slip between the fibers and reduce strength polyester thread.

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