Aobo sewing thread is leading sewing thread band in china.

Below that is a substantially long fiber sewing thread production process.

The first step: Snagging - sewing threads are commonly used chemical fiber products, polyester fibers spun into different slice thickness of the original white monofilament sewing thread commonly 150D, 210D, 250D, 280D, 420D, 630D , 840D's.

Step two: Twist - twisting process is to spell strand monofilament yarn whitening embryo, usually makes up three strands. Sewing thread is twisted in three strands in the middle to add a thermal fuse, the cost of setting adhesive white Neibang Di embryo yarn. Common models 150D/3, 210D/3, 300D/3, 450D/3, 630D/ 3,750D/3, 840D/3.

The third step: dyeing - by pressing the number of orders, customer reservations dyed colors. Depending on the material, the color, the use of dyes, additives and formulations.

Step Four: Forming - according to customer requirements, or by the meter long net, select the appropriate bobbins packaging, final packaging and shipping.

More than four steps, is sewing thread, the process generally Bondi line, completed in four separate four different workshops, not a process, we need to sewing thread, performance, physical indicators Bundy line monitoring and testing, sewing thread twist, strength, elongation, color fastness, oiling rate has a corresponding standards and requirements, to meet customer expectations of the best sewing.

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