Cellulose fiber fabric moisture permeability, taking good performance, but the shrinkage rate is big, often bring a lot of inconvenience to consumers. The pre-shrinking fabric finishing can make the fabric shrink to shrink in advance, so as to reduce the shrinking rate of finished fabric to meet the quality requirements of garment processing.

The international market for high-grade products have the latitude and longitude shrinkage requirements, and the commonly used rubber blanket pre-shrinking machine, the fabric does not shrink the role of the zonal. High-end products to ensure that the zonal shrinkage rate to meet the requirements of the fabric into the rubber blanket pre-shrinking machine, we must complete the zonal shrinkage, generally in the singeing, sizing process, the appropriate increase in fabric stretch to obtain cloth The effect of shrinkage, so as to ensure pre-shrinking finishing products to meet the double reduction requirements.

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