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All along, many European countries  are many strict restrictions on quality of China's export  clothing . Many products are returned to the domestic enterprises which can not meet the standard,it has brought a lot of economic losses. "For example, there have been domestic children 's clothing export enterprises, because of product quality problems by European buyers return, and the return of the reasons who would not have thought, actually just sewing thread physical and chemical indicators are not up to standard, in the gray sewing thread A 69.9 mg / kg of 4-aminoazobenzene was detected, and the company went bankrupt because of huge claims.

A lot of people do not understand, do sewing thread and clothing quality really so closely related? "In fact, physical and chemical indicators of non-compliance, this is just one of the reasons.For example, in the production of children's clothing used in the sewing Line, the flexibility of the line has a more stringent requirements.As we all know, whether it is the production line of children's clothing, or adult production line, are mechanized production and processing, are line production operations, but if the use of quality in the production line, however Sewing thread, not only will the basic wear-resistant children's clothing have an impact, more importantly, will also cause the sewing machine needle broken in the production line.This problem is that many people do not understand, and even many people in this industry The problem did not give more attention.

The high-quality sewing thread used in the garment production is not only durable, but the surface of the sewing thread should be smooth and free of defects and no joints. When such sewing thread is used on an industrial sewing machine, Needle sewing machine needle, it will not cause broken needle phenomenon. On the contrary, poor quality sewing thread, often appear burr, connector, do not know when to put the needle stuck, and these broken needle if not found in time, it may be attached to the clothing, which for children Of wearing objects, is a very dangerous thing.

For example, if the quality control personnel in the production process found a length of broken needle, then he must cut the other pin to find the other, can prove that there is no left in the clothes in order to make these clothing line. Otherwise, even a small cut-off pin can not be found, or remain in the clothes, may have unexpected consequences. More serious is that if the exit destination of the quality inspection found a similar situation, then the enterprise returns or punitive fines, will bring serious economic losses to the enterprise. "The sewing thread is small, but it is related to a clothing and even a business event.Chinese often say 'a thousand miles of dike destroyed in the ants', in fact, that is the truth.

Relevant departments have also reminded foreign trade units and export garment manufacturers, the exports to the EU clothing, not only to ensure that the fabric does not contain banned azo dyes and other prohibited ingredients, but also to strengthen the sewing thread, embroidery threads, lace and other accessories prohibited Nitrogen dye control, not because of accessories in the use of clothing in the small proportion of neglect.

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Function and fashion simultaneously

In fact, not just children's clothing, and now a lot of clothing will be made on the sewing thread higher requirements, such as down jacket and now very popular outdoor clothing. For the down jacket, which is a big technical problem is how to avoid the location of the pinhole 'run down'. In order to avoid this problem, we have implemented a lot of technical improvements, such as sewing thread production in the use of special technology, the sewing thread can achieve greater flexibility and expansion of the sewing thread to use this down jacket Sewing can play the role of expansion, can plug the pinhole to achieve the effect is not drilling velvet. In addition to these, but also added to the surface of the sewing thread 'painted wax' process, which can largely avoid the 'run down' phenomenon. In addition, in some special fabric sewing, such as outdoor clothing, denim fabric, etc., but also focused on strengthening the sewing thread strength. "

It is understood that in the outdoor climbing or sailing, the sewing thread must have a high wear and anti-aging; in the car seat, in addition to the important connectivity, but also high temperature and UV resistance, in some industrial textiles , The quality of sewing thread and even directly related to the safety of the user's life.

For most ordinary clothing, with the development of the fashion industry, clothing has a combination of fashion and functionality, and seam stitch for both the above have a great impact. In the past, the sewing thread as a connecting fabric material is mainly played a decorative, connecting role, and now the sewing thread also has a functional role. "For example, in the usual circumstances, the sewing thread needs to have tear resistance, good ductility, elasticity, softness.For special functional clothing, but also requires seam waterproof, fire, anti-static, Anti-aging requirements, which can be achieved through special finishing. "

In addition to these conventional functions, sewing thread has an additional function: decorative features, such as direct use in the interior fabric, or directly in the fabric production process, an important part of the fabric characteristics.

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