Thick fabric, such as: ABS hard case, 1000D wear-resistant nylon fabric trolley case, car panels, seat belts, fabric thickness, density, sewing needle high temperature, the difficulty of sewing thread test, ordinary polyester sewing thread In the eye of the eye is generally difficult to resist, it is easy to wrinkle, scattered shares, or even disconnected.

Nylon 66 Bundy line is made of nylon 66 66-denier monofilament with temperature-resistant and wear-resistant, and the three strands are bonded together through the Bondi process. Rally is strong, temperature, wear. Needle when the needle through the eyebond line to single-force, the overall needle eye, not loose, not wrinkle, can fit in the special thick, special hard fabric sewing.

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Linyi Aobo Textile Co., Ltd is a manufacturer who has more than 30 years polyester yarn and sewing thread production experience, with large-scale production capacity and independent research and development capabilities .

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