An overview of polyester

Polyester is very important in daily life as a synthetic fiber, China's trade name for the "polyester fiber", is the largest synthetic fiber varieties. Industrial production of polyester fiber is made of polyethylene terephthalate.

Characteristics of Polyester

Polyester has a very good strength, crease resistance and elasticity, and there are excellent electrical insulation, abrasion resistance, light resistance (second only to acrylic), compared to rayon and no mildew does not bite the fine features , In chemical resistance can be resistant to weak acid and weak base. However, polyester dyeing performance is relatively poor, color fastness is very good, under normal circumstances need to be in the presence of high temperature or the presence of carriers with decentralized fuel dyeing.

The use of polyester

Polyester excellent performance can be well used in textile and garment and industrial products, uses a very wide range, not only can weave pure, but also with cotton, silk, linen, wool and other natural fibers and some other chemical fiber blends, mainly textile The field of clothing, with polyester to make men and women shirt, coat, carpet and decorative fabrics are very good.

Polyester embroidery thread

Polyester embroidery thread can withstand chemical substances and often washing clothes, and clothing can reduce the phenomenon of fading. So the hotel's uniform or some stone blue jeans, sportswear will be made with polyester line.

Overall, polyester embroidery thread than the artificial silk embroidery thread strength is higher, better toughness. When the use of polyester embroidery thread machine repair time, can withstand higher mechanical pull, can make embroidery machine running faster, higher production efficiency. Polyester embroidery thread fire performance is also high, with the flame will only produce contraction of the phenomenon, without fire.

However, the stability of polyester embroidery thread is not as good as rayon embroidery thread, because its composition is polyester filament, will be more flexible. We can do a test, the decomposition of two polyester embroidery threads and rayon embroidery force stretched, we can see after the release of rayon will not significantly shrink, but the polyester line will be significantly restored to the original length, which Resulting in the production of flower folds, so the adjustment of the tension on the line need to be more accurate.

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