polyester sewing thread

Sewing thread in addition to the sewing function, there are decorative features. A sewing thread is good or bad, not only affects the cost of processing, but also affect the appearance of the finished product. Therefore, the choice of a suitable sewing thread is essential, from the twist, strength, classification, characteristics and the main purpose as a reference condition.

The main raw materials of sewing thread polyester filament, polyester staple fiber, polyester-cotton and high-count cotton. Dyeing process generally take high temperature and pressure in the cheese cylinder dyeing, with disperse dyes, also resulted in a high temperature waste water, biodegradable, less water and so on.

We will not introduce the general concept of the line, let us understand the definition of twist: "by twisting the fiber structure of the line, so that the line between the cross-section relative angular displacement, through the straight fibers and axis tilt To change the structure of the line. "

Simple point, that is, clockwise or counterclockwise rotation of the line, so you can make the line with better strength, feel and flexibility and other characteristics. Because the fracture performance of the thread has a very direct relationship with the twist, the sewing thread on the market is generally Z twist direction. From the use of points, there are family sewing thread, embroidery thread and industrial lines.

From raw materials, there are natural fiber sewing thread, synthetic fiber sewing thread and mixed sewing thread.

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