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Polyester sewing thread

Aobo polyester sewing thread is one kind 100% polyester staple fiber winding thread, using first-class polyester sewing thread raw materials, high-quality textile dyes, with excellent sewing performance. The different thickness of sewing thread for a variety of high-end textile and apparel, footwear, home textiles and decorative supplies.

Aobo is China's leading brand of sewing thread ,with an annual output of 2,000 tons.

Main specifications

  • 20s/2, 20s/3, 20s/4, 20s/6, 30s/2, 30s/3, 40s/2, 40s/3, 50s/2, 50s/3, 60s/2, 60s/3,80s/2 and 80s/3, etc.


  • 1000yds to 50000yds/cone, or 80g to 5.0kg/cone.


  • 20/2:Jeans, shoes, hats, leather products
  • 20s / 3:Jeans, shoes, handbags, leather goods, etc.
  • 30s / 2:Crafts, bags, protective clothing, etc.
  • 30/3:Jeans, tents, leather goods, handbags, shoes, etc.
  • 40s / 2:Trousers, jackets, suits, shirts, etc.
  • 40s / 3:Protective apparel, Crafts, footwear, etc.
  • 50s / 2:Knitted apparel, women's, underwear, etc.
  • 50s / 3: Crafts, decorative sewing, outdoor apparel and other
  • 60s / 2:Thin fabric, underwear, women's, etc.
  • 60s / 3:Outerwear, suits, trousers, sheets, clothing, blankets, etc.
  • 80s / 2:Embroidery bottom line, clothing tie lines
  • 80s / 3:Underwear, women's, dresses, etc.

Contact Info

Linyi Aobo Textile Co., Ltd is a manufacturer who has more than 30 years polyester yarn and sewing thread production experience, with large-scale production capacity and independent research and development capabilities .

We focus on the Sewing yarn/thread for 30 years!




Dashan and Linxi thirteen,Linyi City,Shandong Province,China